Cheese lovers paradise

Since I am so lucky to get the Observer ( for me the best newspaper in the whole world ) with all the supplements delivered right to my doorstep I think I should share this special from the last issue of Foodmonthly with you. The…

Spaghetti Rondini

Bake rondini in the ofen at 200 C for about an hour, let cool so you can hold them to cut in half Chop onions and 2 cloves of garlic thinly. Scrape out the flesh including the pips. Heat olive oil, add some peperoncini, onions…

Nigel Slater – The kitchen diaries

The latest addition to my cook book collection. A must have! Voted the best cook book 06. I have almost all of Nigels cook books – he is great. This one is made like a diary very nicely written and full of simple recipes.

Côtes du Jura

Don’t usually drink white wine – but this bottle of Côtes du Jura Franz gave us is lovely. Its very heavy white – almost like port or sometin’. Nice.

Tonight’s Bordeaux bottle

Château Bel-Air Pomerol 1996. Uwe, we found no info on the Internet about this gorgeous wine. Lovely round taste with a berry sometin’ sometin’… What have you to say about the Bel-Air?