Parsnip Potatoes Patties

Since last december I’m trying to re-cook a meal that, back then came together very spontaneously. We had friends coming over and wanted to make something special but they could not stay to long for they had to get up very early the next day. It’s no secret that I’m not good in hosting early dinners, I’m always to late with the preparations which leads to a very spanish lifestyle of late dinners. So we went for beetroot pickled salmon , something you can prepare days ahed and it’s is always kind of special.
With it we spontaneously decided to make Parsnip Patties since we had the fridge filled with parsnips.
The dinner was spectacular and the Parsnip Potatoes Patties perfect! Ever since this day I try to re-cook them with little success.

In Stockholm this is a national dish, you get Parsnip Potatoes Patties in every restaurant. Usually served with fish roe, crème fraiche and pickled cucumbers – a match made in heaven.

Even more so I want to make my own Parsnip Potatoes Patties. Mine taste nice but the hardly ever stick together and I end up with a crumbly something on my plate 🙁

I know they have to be made very fresh otherwise the potatoes loose too much water and don’t sick together, and I add some beaten egg white … any other tips?


These two turned out quite nice but the remaining 5 looked bad let me tell you …